Your Safety Matters to Us

Thanks for visiting. We’ve created this site to help you understand the essentials of emergency planning at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

We’ve developed a comprehensive emergency plan designed to safeguard all those who live and work in the vicinity of the plant. The plan is subject to on-going updates, revisions and improvements and is created through close collaboration with local, state and national authorities. The plan accounts for virtually any scenario that could lead to a release of radioactive materials, and the issuance of a shelter or evacuation order.

Of course, we do our utmost to make sure we never need to initiate the emergency plan in the first place. Pilgrim was built from the ground up to include safety systems, back-up safety systems and back-ups to the back-up systems. All engineered to protect employees, neighbors and the community at large.

But in the unlikely event of an emergency, authorities have the tools and resources in place to direct you and your family to safety.